About me

I don’t trust people who speak about themselves in the third-person, so I’ve decided to write this bio in first-person.


My name isn’t Fred Charles.

Fred Charles is almost my name, so I hope you don't feel like I'm lying to you. Also, never trust anyone whose full name is made up by two first names.

When people ask me what I do, I never tell them that I'm a writer. Writing is something that I do in the dark of night with a flashlight, and the curtains closed.

My work in progress is called (b)roken (S)entences, a novel of existential dread told through five intersecting stories.

My other work in progress is called Ouroboros City Blues, an Urban (blight) Fantasy that you can read for free at this website.*

In past lives, I’ve reviewed CDs for a heavy metal webzine (remember those?), reviewed computer games, painted 300 paintings, drew 500+ pieces of artwork on Post-It Notes, played bass/guitar in various heavy metal and alternative rock bands, and once I saw a crane on the roof of my house.

*Who says that nothing is free? The only cost is your time, something that you can never get back.

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