• Fred Charles

Writers Block: Apathy

I've hit a new stage in my writer's block: Apathy. For the last week or so, I'm completely apathetic about all of my projects. My interest in them has waned, and sadly, I have no feeling about it either way. Usually, I would be beating myself up over my lack of output, but this time, all that I feel is 'meh.'

Not only is this apathetic attitude present in my writing, but it's also in my reading. I haven't been excited about reading anything in months. I read, but nothing seems to excite me. Sometimes I think that my expectations are so high that nothing can meet them, so I drift from book to book to book, never finishing any of them, just moving onto the next in the hopes of finding that excellent, life-changing piece of fiction that's hidden amongst the piles of drek lining the bookstore shelves.

Deep breath.

Maybe this is why I'm apathetic towards my writing. Am I trying to meet a standard that's impossible to reach, which is my own f**ked standard?


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